Bluetooth 5 Debuts Next Week…

Bluetooth_CM_ColorBlackAnd Bluetooth 5 has alot more to offer!

This update will double the range and quadruple the speed of low energy Bluetooth transmissions, which should mean an increase to 200m and four megabits per second respectively, and about one megabit per second available to applications.

Mark Powell, Executive Director at Bluetooth SIG says “the revision will also provide significant new functionality for connectionless services like location-relevant information and navigation. By adding significantly more capacity to advertising transmissions, Bluetooth 5 will further propel the adoption and deployment of beacons and location-based services to users around the world.”

Bluetooth 5 is expected  to have a more broader and more flexible internet Protocol assess, and the addition of mesh routing capabilities.

Bluetooth 5 will debut in London on 16 June. For more information click here

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