Iknaia Launches Starter Kit

iknaia-detector-v2Internet of Things (IoT) specialists Iknaia now offer clients the option to purchase an Iknaia Tracking demonstration starter kit, so they can experience the technology before rolling out on larger installations.

Iknaia’s tracking solution is currently being used by clients in the healthcare and construction market sectors. The solution makes use of Bluetooth low energy tags and a range of specially designed detector nodes. The tracking system can be installed and connected to an existing Ethernet or WiFi network, or it can be set up in complete isolation of any existing network infrastructure, using its embedded WiFi mesh detector nodes.

Julia McNally, Managing Director of Iknaia says “We’re starting to see a lot more clients interested in this new technology and now we’re offering the opportunity to evaluate the system before rolling it out. The demo pack consists of 4 detector notes, 10 beacon tags and access to our online self-service management dashboard where clients can load up floor plans and position their nodes.”

Within the Healthcare sector alone, NHS England has been tasked with delivering £30bn of savings per annum by 2020/21 (Five Year Forward View, NHS England). And its estimated that the health service is losing on average £13million annually with items such as life-saving defibrillators, ultrasound scanners, computers, tablets, being stolen or lost. Iknaia’s technology could save NHS England millions once installed.

Theft and losses on construction sites costs the industry £880m a year in the UK, Iknaia’ s technology could help keep track of valuable assets and help to increase productivity of the workforce.

For more information or to purchase the starter pack, contact Iknaia on 0203 751 2980 or



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